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If you, or someone you know has had an injury or accident, then it is so important that you contact your lawyer. The main reason for this is because you won’t be able to get the compensation you deserve if you do not seek legal advice. So, what constitutes as being a slip and fall accident? These kinds of accidents usually involve you tripping or slipping, due to dangerous conditions. These types of falls can happen inside a building, or out in the open. Some of the top causes include bad flooring, poorly lighted steps, wet floors, and hidden hazards. A lot of cases that fall under this category can be pinned down to negligence, which is why having a good lawyer on your side is crucial if you want to get the best result out of your case. It may be that there is an icy patch outside the door, a pothole, or even a crack. This can easily be the cause of a slip and fall accident, and it may be that you can initiate a liability lawsuit. At the end of the day, thousands of people experience injuries like this every single year, but when you come to us, you can feel assured knowing that we can give you the advice and advocacy you need to ensure a positive result from your case.

The Law Regarding Slip and Fall Accidents

Negligence law happens to cover all slip and fall accidents and injuries. Property owners do have a duty of care to ensure that their property and the surrounding area is safe. This involves ensuring that the building itself doesn’t have any structural defects, on the inside or out, as well as ensuring that any standing water or icy spots are dealt with. If you want some examples of why someone may be liable for a slip and fall accident, then take a look below.

  • Loose floor mats
  • Loose tiles
  • Snow-filled areas
  • Icy patches
  • Cracks in the sidewalk
  • Holes in parking lots

Common Injuries for Slip and Fall Accidents

Sometimes, it is entirely possible for the person who is injured to have no idea what has caused their injury. For this reason, it is important that you do a full investigation so you can make sure that you understand the source of the problem. There are a lot of different injuries that you can sustain if you do experience an accident, and some of the most common ones include:

Head Injuries

Head injuries can be traumatic, or they can be minor. Traumatic brain injuries can cause cognitive issues over the long term and they can also be somewhat debilitating. Falls to date are the most common cause of TBI when you look outside of military service.  They happen most often to children or the elderly.

Spinal Injuries

Injuries to the back and spinal cord are very common injuries that can occur as the result of a slip and fall accident. Spinal injuries can be very painful, and they can also lead to a lot of complications. Some of the things you may experience include paralysis, as well as mobility and sensory issues.

Sprains and Dislocations

Dislocations, sprains, and fractures can occur if you hit the ground with impact or if you have a fall. Things like this can easily lead to a range of physical injuries. If you are hurt in an accident such as this, then it is important that you retain as much evidence as you can. If you have proof when you file your case, then this can give you the best possible outcome. Try and get the names of any witnesses who may have been by your side at the time of the accident and take note of the conditions of the day as well. This could well include poor lighting.

Evidence you Can Gather for your Slip and Fall Case

If you have had a slip and fall accident, then it is a good idea for you to try and gather your medical records from your GP or your hospital. This is especially important if you have had an X-ray, or a scan done. Getting medical attention early will give you the best chance of recovery and it will also help you to ensure that you are solidifying your case with solid evidence.

If you have had a fall or slipped on a wet supermarket floor, then you should find that your accident is recorded in the logbook by the establishment. Employers have to report accidents, so make sure that you do not sign an accident report that you do not agree with and always ask them for a copy for your own record.

Taking pictures of the scene will help, along with showing the condition of the floor at the time of your accident. If you tripped on some stairs, then do your bit to show the stairs in detail. Do you see that they are high? Uneven? Do they have a non-slip surface? Names and details will help a lot here. Local authorities also have a personal duty to keep a schedule of when pathways and roads were maintained. Your lawyer should be able to check to see if they have neglected in doing this, so try and take note of this as it may help your case.

Texas Laws for Slip and Fall Accidents

In the state of Texas, the owner of a property or a premises is only liable if the owner was aware of the hazard, and did not take steps to fix it. For example, if there was a puddle of water on a supermarket floor and the supermarket failed to clean it up or warn customers about it then the establishment could be liable should an accident occur. Texan property owners have to take reasonable steps to take care of their property to make it suitable for visitors.

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