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Erik Garza is a founding partners here is Phipps Garza Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers. Married to his amazing wife, Erik has built a life and career around working hard for his family and his clients. In every injury case there is a financial side. Erik’s time been focused on building the litigation side of their firm, and focuses on tax law, as well as many other areas of commercial litigation. In Erik’s early days he started out his life working in construction. This afforded him the ability to attend law school and start to focus his career on law. This unique experience gives Erik the unique insight into understanding exactly how construction injuries, workplace injuries and other personal injuries affect victims and their families.

After gaining his legal degree, Erik began his professional career working as an attorney focuses on business and commercial litigation. Erik’s professional focus included corporate litigation, tax law, small business law, torts, contracts, and various other types of commercial litigation. Erik is a proud Houstonian and goes to great lengths to fight for the rights of the people in his community. Erik’s vision for himself is evident in the direction of Phipps Garza Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers: A law firm who understands the challenges that legal proceedings present to an injured victim and is prepared to handle every aspect of your case, so you can move forward with your life.